Matt Koci, Ph.D


Ph.D. Viral pathogenesis, University of Georgia
M.S. Infectious diseases, University of Georgia
B.S. Biology, Virginia Tech

Research Interests

My laboratory works to understand the immune mechanisms which allow an animal to recognize, respond, eliminate, and develop resistance to pathogens. Our approach involves understanding both cellular and molecular aspects of the host response.  Currently there are three primary research projects in the laboratory.  1)  Understanding the key innate immune responses involved in pathogenesis and disease resolution of gastroenteritis.  2) Understanding how genetic polymorphisms in innate immune response genes affect susceptibility to infection.  3) Understanding how changes in the intestinal microflora affects gut physiology, mucosal immunity, and ultimately the overall health.

As part of studying these scientific questions, I am also keenly interested in getting others excited about science, careers in research, and helping students at all levels reach their full potential.  We are always interested in getting bright, young, curious, students involved in our work.  If you're interested in science, and specifically understanding the interactions between animals and microorganisms contact me to find out ways to get involved.    


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